2017-The Year of The Brand Voice

As many of you are, I have been coming to terms with the results of our tumultuous and unprecedented election.

It was fascinating to watch it from the perspective of being a Personal Brand specialist, and today I want to share with you what a few of my takeaways have been…

and what it means for you and your Brand both now and in 2017.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that for as many people that are willing to speak up in their true, genuine Voice, just as many are afraid to use their Voice and have it heard.

Now, I’m not saying you have to share your political views. For some people that is just as much a private matter as how much money you make (stay tuned, I’ve got a rant coming on that soon). You define the boundaries between your Personal Brand and what is personal to you. Some people are a wide open book, and others prefer to share a few chapters…and it’s all ok.

Just know where your boundaries are and your level of discernment.

But what has struck me is how many people squash their Voice down in order to ‘fit’ in.

They suffer from a Brand Identity crisis of epic proportions; trying to make their Brand Voice sound like something it’s not because they think that that is what their Right Audience wants.

Fear of being judged, rejected, or not liked can be paralyzing when you are building a business…

because you don’t want to offend anyone

I get that…I really do.

but what your People want is for you to own your Brand Voice.Microphone 01

It’s sooooo tempting to take on someone else’s Brand Voice…especially when that person has reached a level of success you desire and admire.

It also ends up being exhausting, frustrating, and difficult to maintain…and why would you want to?

Own being the trusted expert in your own right and the value you offer.

More than any other Brand element, your Brand Voice is the ultimate indicator of who you really are and what you stand for. It is the vehicle that conveys your Message and it is yours alone.

If doesn’t mean being the loudest, it means standing in your Core Values, your gifts, and what you believe to be true.

Courage, vulnerability, and strong beliefs are what gets noticed and remembered…and shows true leadership.

Your Brand Voice is important and it matters a great deal out there in the world.

Do you truly know and honor it?

Do you speak your truth and message in your own unique way?

If you want to declare 2017 as the Year of your Brand Voice, then I invite you to take The Authentic Brand Challenge starting on Nov 25th.

It will change the way you and your Brand Voice show up forever.




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