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Hey there, I’m delighted you’re here


I’m Danielle and I teach incredible women entrepreneurs how to get recognized, be remembered, and make more money simply by being themselves, telling their story, and doing their great work.


Brand Specialist

A left-handed ginger who blends intuition and strategy to craft Brands that are magnetic + red-hot

which means you have a Brand that creates raving fans, and makes you money in your Business. period.


A Red Hot Brand positions you as the go-to expert, gives you the visibility and impact you crave, and allows you to charge premium prices for your work.


I know some things about you.

  You really want to make an impact with your message

  That your story and what you’ve learned has given you the fire to inspire and teach others

  You haven’t quite figured out how to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there and make your mark

  That you want to be visible, and yet stay in the background where you won’t be judged

  You have a treasure trove of skills, gifts, and talents that you want to use to help others and leave a legacy


You thought that having a gorgeous website and catchy tagline was what branding was all about…but that hasn’t translated into a waiting list of clients and showcasing what you can really do (that’s ok, that is why you’re here now)

I know for sure, that you and your business deserve a Brand that allows you serve your Dream Clients, creates the revenue you desire, and gives you permission to be you.

I know these things because I have walked that journey as well, and since 2010 I’ve been teaching women like you the secret sauce of crafting a Brand that they and their clients love. As an Alchemist, Sage, & Creator my gifts lie in helping you uncover the Soul + Strategy of your Brand.


Branding is about standing up + standing out


Delightfully smooth and yet deliciously complex= A Redhot Brand


Over the last 6 years I have developed and honed the Brand Identity Method, a unique framework that has helped to craft million dollar Brands, best-selling authors; and has shown women entrepreneurs how to share their gifts and show up authentically and confidently. I’m also the Founder of The School of Branding and Danielle M Miller, LLC. Oh…and I wrote a little book for women entrepreneurs called Smartypants Branding that became an Amazon best-seller.


I have paid mega bucks for this type of session in the past and not come up with anything at all and been very disappointed. You totally blew it out of the water and gave me so much value. I will be eternally grateful. All the copywriting advice you gave me is pure gold and right to the point. You have an incredible intuitive gift of getting right to the heart of someone’s business. – Karen Trepte,


I also believe that while I’m an expert on all things Brand, you are the expert on you, your superpowers, and how you help others.

Let’s join forces and show the world that, shall we?


0042revWant a peek on the inside?

I’m married to my high school boyfriend (31 years…stop trying to do the math) and we have raised three wonderful, kind human beings (2 who have served their country in the Navy and Marine Corps). I’m also Gigi to the most adorable grandson I know…with another one on the way.

I have a degree in Special Education and taught in that field for 15 years.

I dabbled in the online space for 3 years before I decided to get serious and stop having an expensive hobby….hallelujah, amen, and pass the coffee.

I love summer evenings on the river with friends, the joy of the holidays, a great cup of coffee, a delicious martini, close friendships, the solitude of losing myself in a book, playing music really loudly, the laughter of people I care about, and throwing epic parties.

I believe that you had the power all along, that we all have incredible gifts to share, laughter really is the best medicine, being genuine never goes out of style, and life is too short to skip dessert.

I hope that in dropping by today you found something of value and something to smile about.





Let’s stay in touch shall we?

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