Brand Archetype Discovery Quiz


Please take a few minutes to view the video before taking the Brand Archetype Discovery Quiz…you’ll be glad you did.

**Not a video person? That’s cool too!

Here’s the essential info you need to know before taking the quiz

Once you choose an answer you can’t go back, so choose wisely

Listen to your intuition and choose the answer that is most true for you right here and right now

When you finish the quiz you will learn your Leading Archetype, and if you want the detailed Leading Archetype Guide (and of course you do!) you’ll need to enter your email address so I can send it to you

Most of all, have fun!



The most awesome thing about me is

My highest calling in life would be

What gets my panties in a twist is

What would people most likely call you?

What is your design preference?

I highly value

What gets me in trouble is I can sometimes

My motto/creed is

After an experience with me I most want people to feel

I totally groove on

I am unstoppable when I feel

Someone I admire or look up to is

It is very important for me to have __________ in my life

My ideal work space is

My favorite reading material is/are

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