What The Show “This Is Us” Can Teach You About Your Brand

Without fail, every Tuesday night you can find people reaching for the tissues while watching NBC’s hit show “This Is Us”.

People can’t seem to get enough of this show and have fallen in love with the family of Jack, Rebecca, and their three children.

But WHY is the show so popular…what makes it a standout among the endless sea of shows that are suffering from mediocrity and ho-hum plots.

Quite simply….it’s the story telling.

Because not only is it that we are captivated by the lives of the characters, but we can see something of ourselves in the story of a particular character.

The extreme relatability of the characters within the journey of the story is what resonates with those who love the show.

Every character is given the freedom to show their best and worst qualities as the story unfolds.


Rebecca’s inner conflict with pursuing a music career and being a mom

Kate’s ongoing struggle with her weight and wanting to accept herself the way she is physically

Randall’s perfect life and the juxtaposition as we discover he has an anxiety disorder

Jack being a great husband and father and his insecurity over his wife singing with the band

Kevin being a pretty boy actor and his desire to be taken seriously

Within a given character we can see ourselves.

Not only do we see ourselves, but we also see how we would hope to be.

The imperfections, the vulnerability, the desire to be validated and accepted for who we are.

It is simply great storytelling.

So, what can this great show teach you about the elements of a great story that can be applied to your Brand? Here are some tips:

You Are Identifiable 

In other words, your audience can relate and identify with you. We all have a character that we feel a strong pull towards on This Is Us…it’s because we can see ourselves in that person. This is at the core of your Brand Story…your Right People feel a kinship with you…they see themselves in your story.


There is a Conflict/Challenge/Struggle

Every great story has overcome (and may continue to overcome) some conflict/challenge/struggle. People have the mistaken belief that their audience expects them to be perfect. Not so, people want to know about the messy middle, they want to see your imperfections and vulnerability, they want to know that while you have some things figured out, you don’t have it all figured out.


What You’ve Learned

This is not about the number of certifications or letters behind your name. This is about the scars of being in the messy middle. This is where you show people that in spite of the struggles and challenges you’ve gone through,  you’ve come out on the other side…wiser and battle-tested. Here is where your Right People start to see the possibilities for themselves. The character is flawed, but is the stronger for it.


Connect The Dots

More than anything else, a great story has the ability to connect with dots. The human brain seeks patterns and a good storyteller is about to make use of cognitive dissonance (what doesn’t make sense or contradicting thoughts) and sort out the jumble in a way that makes sense to their audience.

When you apply these elements to your Brand, you have now magnetized your audience to you. You’ve created emotional connections that allow you to differentiate yourself simply because you can tell your unique Brand Story.

Telling your Brand Story can’t be done in a vacuum…it takes an outside perspective to show you where the hidden gold is in your Brand Story.

I can help you with that (and much more) in the 90 Day Brand Accelerate Program.

I’d love to see you there…tell your story and make an impact.








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