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That’s the magic + power of a personal brand for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

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Danielle’s approach to branding is brilliant. She starts where you are and guides you through the steps of creating your authentic brand. There are questions, examples and stories to help you clarify what you want and what you need to be successful. A must read for entrepreneurs-Nancy Surya Dadami



As a female entrepreneur, I find it invaluable to have a book written for me from my (a woman’s) perspective!! Brava -> it is about time we had someone championing our natural abilities and this book is dedicated to doing just that! She had me at => “curl up with this book, your favorite beverage and a piece of chocolate”. The book reads fast – because Danielle speaks my language – not at me => to me. It’s like having your ‘Smarty Pants’ Business Savvy girlfriend sit down over a cup of coffee and give you the 411 of how => Knowing Who You Are + Branding + Business Promotion => gets done!! All I can say is WOW and Thank YOU!!-Gina Johnston


Danielle Miller puts the PERSON back in “personal branding.” If you’re looking for buzz words, packaged quick fixes or formulaic advice, do not read this book. If, however, you want someone to help you dig deep and discover how to authentically present yourself as your brand, you must read–and reread, highlight and underline–this marvelous resource. Miller provides a wealth of tools and exercises to help readers get to the core of what they believe about themselves, their gifts, their abilities and their mission in the world. Armed with this critical information, readers can begin to craft a personal brand that genuinely reflects who they are and which will resonate naturally with their audience. Miller’s lively voice infuses every page, making this book the polar opposite of so many of the dry “how to” books on branding.- Lee Gaitan





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