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On Reinvention + the Evolution of You

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One part fun, one part practicality, one large dollop of inspiration. I love, love edutaining.


  “I enjoyed her manner and personal stories (she is a grandmom) and how she related to the audience. She had an ease and appeal and openness that resonated, and I could see how she could attract clients who aspire to identify and pursue their passions and garner success.”


I’ve done presentations for groups from 5 to 500+. I have shared the stage with amazing women such as Martha Stewart, Arianna Huffington, Sara Blakely, and Star Jones.
One of my superpowers is the ability to take information and present it in a way that ‘clicks’ for audiences.

Workshop Leader on Reinvention at the 2013 NAPW Annual Conference

Workshop Leader on Reinvention at the 2013 NAPW Annual Conference


What You Will Get:

Customized interactive materials for:

Presentations/In person and virtual Workshops/Retreats/Conference Panels/Keynotes

Lots of visuals

Multisensory Learning

Fresh perspectives + New Lenses at which to look at the above topics

Stories, examples, and empathy




What You Will Not Get:

Me reading from a powerpoint

Dry, boring worksheets

An overwhelming amount of information

Me standing behind a podium

All fluff and no substance


I dig travel, meeting new people, teaching, and most importantly, being a catalyst for transformation and empowerment.


Have an idea about me speaking?  Bring it!

Contact me with your ideas and thoughts about topics, budget, audience, and time.


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