Strong Brew Session

The Strong Brew Session is like a super-sized shot of espresso for your Brand.

In three hours you’ll have clarity and a solid Brand Foundation with which to move forward with in your business (this is serious mojo…I literally rebranded a 7 figure business in one of these sessions).

Consider this an opportunity to brew up new ideas and infuse your Brand with strong, hot  strategies and insight with just the right blend of intuition and strategy.

You are about to enter a whole new realm of getting clear on your Brand and making choices in your business that feel good and get great results.

You’ll come away with the secrets of your Brand Identity (how to show up more authentically than you ever thought possible)

My signature in-depth Brand Identity Assessment where you’ll learn your Leading Brand Identity and your key Supporting Archetypes.

A clear, concise Mission Statement

Your Vision you many know your vision is big but can you articulate it, do you know how you get there?   You gain clarity on your overall vision understanding the path you need to take to get there

The Core Values that drive your Brand (and business)

Your Brand Voice + Tone no more sounding like an imitation of someone else.  It’s time to find the sweet spot between your genuine Brand Voice and the language of your Dream Client that makes your business the irresistible choice.

The ingredients in your Marketing Blend (just knowing this Blend alone will make you more money in your business)

A comprehensive look at your Brand Vibe (your visual Brand and your Verbal Brand)


And you’ll have a gorgeous Brand Style Brief that will be your Brand North Star moving forward

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule 1 BONUS 60- minute call within 6 weeks of wrapping up your Strong Brew Session and you’ll also receive 6 weeks of email support in order to keep your Brand momentum  going.

This Session is recorded for you via my private zoom line so we capture all of the goodness of your unique Strong Brew

The most important investment you can make in your business is in getting clear on your Brand. Period.

The investment in The Strong Brew package is $1500.00


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