The Perfect Blend VIP Package

Like a perfectly brewed, gourmet cup of coffee with complex flavors that blend together deliciously, The Perfect Blend VIP Package is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in crafting your Brand.

This is where we get bold, smooth…and red hot

A full on immersion of you and I crafting your unique and irresistible Brand.


Imagine knowing your Brand inside and out in one month.

What would your business be like if you knew exactly who would benefit the most from your work and you were able to deeply and easily connect with them?

Think how it would feel to know that you (yes you!) are the go-to expert in your niche, a recognized leader, and the Brand that others crush on?

It’s closer than you think.

The VIP Blend Package includes:

Weekly deep dives to align your Zone of Genius with your business (that’s your Brand baby!)

as well as:

We’ll cover all the Core Brand Elements that you must be clear on in order to have a Business that makes the impact and income you desire.


Your Mission- no more fumbling around when someone asks you what you do, you will get clear on your elevator pitch and feel amazing delivering it.

Your Vision you many know your vision is big but can you articulate it, do you know how you get there?   You gain clarity on your overall vision understanding the path you need to take to get there


Your Brand Platform- Get clear on the “Commandments” of your Brand. This is what you believe about your work and your unique viewpoint. Crucial so you know how you’re different from everyone else out there in your niche.


Your Brand Promise- this will set you apart from others, as this is one of the most important parts of a brand that is often overlooked.  You will understand what you can promise customers, and what makes your work stand out.


A Dream Client Profile- Beyond demographics, the DCP will drill down into the characteristics, traits, emotions, and challenges so that you can clearly speak their language in your Brand Voice.


Client Results- they speak for themselves and when you know what your work delivers to your clients, then you know how to sell your products and services in a totally aligned way that leaves people ready to invest and pay what you’re worth


Your Brand Voice + Tone- no more sounding like an imitation of someone else.  It’s time to find the sweet spot between your genuine Brand Voice and the language of your Dream Client that makes your business the irresistible choice.


Your Marketing Mix- This consists of what you are really offering to your Ideal Clients, why they buy from you, and what they want from you. When you understand this, every marketing decision will become easier and more fun…I promise!


The Story of Your Brand- Every Brand has a unique story that connects your Right People to you. We’ll use my Brand Story Structure methodology to fast track that all important Know, Like, and Trust Factor.


An Alchemy Mood Board to capture your Brand spirit 


A comprehensive look at your Brand Vibe (your visual Brand and your Verbal Brand)


Map out your Brand Experience and Client Journey (specific actions and steps that your Clients take once they enter your Brand Orbit)


And you’ll have a gorgeous Brand Style Brief that will be your Brand North Star moving forward.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule 2 BONUS 60- minute calls within 6 weeks of wrapping up your Perfect Blend Brand and you’ll also receive 6 weeks of email support in order to keep your Brand momentum  going.

Sessions will be recorded for you via my private zoom line so we capture all of the goodness of your Perfect Blend.

The most important investment you can make in your business is in getting clear on your Brand. Period.

The investment in The Perfect Blend V.I.P. Package is $3500.00


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