The Percolate Session

You know something is just not right with your Brand, but trying to articulate it is elusive and frustrating.

You keep moving the furniture around on your website and have an obsession with tweaking, tweaking…and tweaking yet again.

In the meantime, you’re missing out on opportunities to have more impact and income.


Consider this an opportunity to brew up new ideas and infuse your Brand with strong, hot  strategies and insight with just the right blend of intuition and strategy.

You are about to enter a whole new realm of getting clear on your Brand and making choices in your business that feel good and get great results.

In this 90 minute Session we’ll uncover your unique Brand Strengths using my signature Brand Identity Methodology and Brand Identity Assessment.

You’ll come away with the secrets of your Brand Identity (how to show up more authentically than you ever thought possible)

A clear, concise Mission Statement

The Core Values that drive your Brand (and business)

The ingredients in your Marketing Blend (just knowing this Blend alone will make you more money in your business)

The sweet spot between your Brand Voice and speaking the language of your Right People

And we’ll work on one specific challenge that you’re having in your Brand whether that is crafting an opt-in, rewriting your About Page, feedback on the flow of your website or something else related to your visibility and impact.

You’ll receive a Brand Action plan with specific strategies and recommendations based on our discussion of you and your Brand.

The Percolate Session is recorded so you can review it at your leisure and you also receive 14 days of email follow up with me in order to get feedback and clarification.

If you’re ready to stop hiding and start shining, this is just the right amount of caffeine needed to kick your Brand into high-gear


The Percolate Session is $799.00. 

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